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Empowerment + Self Love

Are you a stressed out parent? 

Are you frustrated and feel you have lost your creativity and inner joy? 

You may even feel stuck in an unfulfilling career.

 Then you have come to the right place! 

I coach ambitious and creative people who are seeking to reconnect with their true inner self and reach their full potential.

You deserve to live your best life!


Join my Coaching Program!


A 12 Week Self-Love Transformation

  Let’s delve deep and discover what is getting in the way from you living your best life!

Do you find yourself self-sabotaging relationships or your career? 

Do you experience guilt in your life? 

Do you ever feel unworthy of what you truly desire? 

Do you ever feel paralyzed or stuck and unable to move forward?


I work with men and women to shift gears to a healthier mindset. I equip them with the adequate tools to discover a new connection with themselves.

And how do I know this works?

I have experienced childhood trauma, been bullied by other women, had unhealthy relationships, and struggled to know my worth. 

From my own inner work, I grieved, processed, and overcame these events. Despite these hardships, I have worked through the pain and developed the skills to release my past story. Instead, I choose to live in joy.

I would love for you to join me and shed your past identity! 

Come join me to live a more fulfilling life.

As a result of my own self-love journey and upon inner reflection, I overcame my fears and limiting beliefs. This has led me to experience forgiveness of myself and others, healthy boundaries with family, and authentic friendships. I also have a thriving career for myself in private practice with the rewarding experience of working as a Psychotherapist and Mindset Coach for many years.

With the proper tools, you too can shift your perspective and launch yourself forward to begin your dream life!

How would it feel to start living a life where you will -

  • Experience better boundaries with loved ones
  •  Feel confident and capable to speak up for yourself when necessary
  •  Gain trust in your intuition and heal those inner child wounds
  • Learn how to  take ACTION and finally achieve what you really want in life 

  I would love to support you and take you on a 12 week self-love journey by offering private coaching, inner reflection work, and accountability.   


What is the Fast Track to Self-Love?

 This 3 month coaching program includes: 

  • 6 Live Mindset Coaching Sessions with Kayla 
  • 6+ Journal Exercises for greater self-love 
  • Private E-Mail access in between sessions. This will provide you with all of the accountability and support that is necessary for this journey.


What to Expect


Month 1 – Explore Your Inner Truth 

Month 2 – Identify Barriers to Self-Love

Month 3 – Develop a Plan and Begin to Achieve your Dream Life


Tell me about yourself during our bi-weekly sessions. 

Then, learn more about your mental blocks by journaling between our sessions. 

Are you self-sabotaging? 

Let’s identify why you feel any guilt or unworthiness and explore your deepest hopes and fears. 

We will review your entry and discoveries in each subsequent session. 

I look forward to witnessing your transformation that will last a lifetime!

This is an opportunity to invest in yourself; 

· Benefit your future and be more present as a spouse, parent, son / daughter.

· Achieve your dream job and thrive in your career. 

· Empower yourself with better boundaries and speak your truth. 

Are you ready to join me to remove the mask AND reveal your most Authentic Self?

How can Coaching help me?


WHEN fear may be blocking the path to your dreams

Fear and self-doubt used to stand in the way of my connection with my true self and blocked me from following my inner voice. I healed from my past beliefs and hope that I can accompany you on your journey of self-discovery to live a more fulfilled life.  

IF you have lost motivation and a zest for life

Now is the best time to feel empowered and gain self-worth. We all deserve to overcome our negative thinking and enhance our life vision. Once we visualize our highest selves, then we can take the steps to become who we are truly meant to be!

As your Authentic Self you will feel more joyful, lighter, and more at ease with the flow of life. We can learn to trust ourselves and feel good in our own skin.

IF you are people pleasing your way through work & home life

Maintaining boundaries with loved ones without sacrificing the relationship can be a challenge but, it doesn’t have to be. Saying “no” can feel good and that's just the beginning!

WHEN you are struggling to have a child

Unfortunately, I understand the toll that an infertility diagnosis can take on a person and the effects it can have on even the happiest of couples! After, multiple failed fertility treatments I knew firsthand what rock bottom felt like. You don’t have to manage these feelings alone. 

IF you are ready to reconnect your Mind + Body

My training, experience, and therapeutic background allow me to share these skills with you.

Take action now! Heal from your internal story and radiate confidence!

Coaching sessions are available via phone or Zoom.

My Authentic Self Digital Course will be available soon! Learn new skills and free yourself from limiting beliefs!



Moms who Meditate

Are you facing mommy burnout or would you just like better ways to manage the stress of being a parent?

Come join the company of like-minded moms who are in the same boat as you! Meet women who can help you through the difficult days, the parenting obstacles you're dealing with, and celebrate your family's accomplishments!

 Each month we will learn about a new topic that allows us to heal and grow as women. Because after all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

Taking less than an hour once per month for self-care can do wonders for mom’s on the go. Whether you are a homemaker or juggling a career and home life- Moms who Meditate is the group for you. *This is a monthly meditation & journaling support group for Moms & Mom’s to be.

1st Wednesday of each month

6:15pm - 7pm $45 per person 

No prior meditation experience required. 

Each month we will discuss a topic, meditate, and journal. Develop a better mind - body connection + let the stress disappear! Parenting support for all ages.


Programs Available


1:1 Coaching

12 Week Self Love Transformation

12 Week Self Love Transformation

Apply for your Transformation Session today!


12 Week Self Love Transformation

12 Week Self Love Transformation

12 Week Self Love Transformation

Join the FAST Track to Self Love NOW!


Authentic Self Accelerator

12 Week Self Love Transformation

Authentic Self Accelerator

Digital Course Coming Soon!