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Populations Served


I offer Individual and Family Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults. As well, as Caregiver / Parent Support Sessions. I also offer Mindful Yoga Groups for various ages.


I specialize in working with young children, teens, and adults who struggle with parenting stressors.

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Behavioral Issues 

Coping Skills




Treatment Modalities

Treatment Modalities

How does Family Therapy work?


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT (Trauma Focused)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - DBT (Mindfulness)

Mind/Body Therapy

Creative / Play Therapy 

How does Family Therapy work?

How does Family Therapy work?

How does Family Therapy work?


Family Therapy is the strongest way to stay connected and cohesive as a family unit. My goal is to help everyone have a voice, be heard, stay strong together and feel connected with one another.

My focus during Family Therapy is to explore the interactions that occur between family members and how this may be reinforcing problematic beliefs, feelings, and behaviors in family members and the family as a unit.  

 Children and teens have the opportunity at the end of each 50-minute Individual or Family meeting to process the session with his/her parent in the room. This offers the adolescent the opportunity to feel some level of control in his/her world when often times they may feel unheard.   

What is Creative Counseling?

How does Family Therapy work?

What is Creative Counseling?


I use Creative (or Expressive) counseling for pre-teens (ages 10-12) and teens (ages 12-17) and focus solely on utilizing your teenager's unique expressive qualities. This includes:






Kayla Diorio, LCSW Live Free Therapy in Warwick


How does Family Therapy work?

What is Creative Counseling?


Virtual Mindful Yoga Mondays for Kids

Call Kayla to Sign Up!

9-12.5 years old

*Mondays at 6:15pm

*via Zoom

Why should Children & Teens practice Mindful Yoga?

  • To foster positive Mental Health 
  • To participate in a Non-Competitive Exercise
  • To improve Self-Acceptance & Self-Awareness
  • To increase Healthy Habits
  • To learn Calming Techniques & improve Focus Ability

Mindfulness combined with basic yoga poses can help with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Self-esteem, and Social Skills!


Therapy Session Payment

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card



The fee for a 45 minute session is $150, due at the end of each session. Cash, check, and credit card are accepted. The fee is $200 for the initial 1 hour intake session only.


You should be aware of the potential for loss of confidentiality if you use your insurance benefits. Billing forms require an official diagnosis of a mental disorder before payments are made. Additionally, insurance companies have the right to request “progress notes” from your sessions, and sometimes do so. Once the billing forms or notes leave my hands I have no control over access to them.

To find out if your insurance has out of network benefits that will reimburse you for your sessions with me, call the customer service number on your health card. I do not participate with any insurance carrier panels but,  they may pay you some benefits after a deductible is met upon submitting a receipt from our sessions.

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